Height: 5'5.5" (166.37cm)

Weight: 120lbs

Occupation: Engineer

One of the eight oracles created by the Ordana, and also Sebastian's partner. A career academic with a background in engineering and computer science. An expert in math and deadpan humor. Impeccably dressed.


Height: 6'9" (205.74cm)

Weight: 275lbs

Occupation: Research Assistant

Octavia's partner. Tall, dark, and self-conscious. Has a not-so-terrible secret. Likes organized workspaces, being on-time, and strawberry anything. An abysmal liar. Has no chill.


Height: 5'5.5" (166.37cm)

Weight: 110lbs

Occupation: Oracle

One of the eight oracles created by the Ordana. Esteemed leader of the faith and a career politician. Does not tolerate incompetence of any kind. Drinks on the job.


Height: 5'10" (177.80cm)

Weight: 130lbs

Occupation: ?????

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