• Centra – A large, densely populated planet in the Lumina. The Ordana’s nexus of power; where all its administration–including the Oracle–resides.
  • Mana – Raw, non-elemental energy which serves as the source of all magic in the Perseus System. Can be found in free-floating currents, but is typically concentrated into a network of Ley Lines that criss-cross the System. Can be channeled by human adepts or by specifically designed apparatuses for any number of purposes, but at the cost of damaging the conduit it flows through.
  • Ether – Coalesced mana in its purest form. Highly dangerous, as it radiates potent waves of mana which could severely damage unprotected individuals in its vicinity. Holds together the network of Ley Lines that criss-cross the System. Has some kind of a mysterious connection to Fate.

–about twenty pages in, we *finally* meet some new characters! Who’s the tall, dark, and gorgeous lady Tertia is speaking to? Stay tuned to find out!